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Of course there are a lot of reasons why you should work with us. But there are 5 that define us and the understanding of relationships


There is a German word for our attitude with no adequate counterpart in English. It is our “Handschlagsqualität”.

It is a common German term, often used by craftsmen. It means that a handshake is enough, we don’t need a signed contract to keep up our side of the deal. And you can rely on that. We feel that this attitude gets lost in business nowadays. It’s all about buzzwords and speed and higher figures. We are honest with you as a customer. We don’t convey an innovation as long as it’s not ready or doesn’t bring you the increase of efficiency or performance you deserve. We don’t make a promise we can’t keep. That’s what our clients appreciate: our accountability and responsibility.


Cables, batteries, and optical fibers are high-tech products. With only the lowest tolerances allowed, we work hard on well-performing machines.

Thanks to our experience, we know what is necessary for your industry and develop the exact machine you need, tailor-made in Europe. We are familiar with your pain points and specific areas in need of improvement. Besides that, we always look for improvements. From the smallest and thinnest cables for high-tech equipment to more sustainable and environmentally friendly cables for the energy transition. We are prepared for whatever turn your industry might take with our premium, application-based products.


We have been building lines for optical fibers for more than 55 years, equipment for cables for over 60 years, and battery machines for over 75 years.

Enough evidence that we have a long record of know-how and experience, not many other producers can compete with. With our proprietors’ strong commitment to Europe – and foremost Austria – as a production location, we can truly say we are tailor-made in Europe. When you produce machines for a particular purpose, you surely have to know exactly what the result should be capable of. Customers see our main strength in the continuous development of machines based on our knowledge of processes.
experience in battery machines
since 1712
experience in cable & wire equpiment
since 1712
experience in solutions for optical fiber production
since 1712

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We are liable to only 3 parties. Our partners, our employees, and you.

And all our relationships are based on trust and reliability. As a family-owned business, we don’t have to report to an anonymous mass of shareholders. We put our efforts into you and your success. We deliver reliable quality that fulfills the highest industry standards. And if we make a promise, you can be sure that we will do anything within our power to keep it.
Rosendahl manufacturing solutions for cable, wire, and shock tubes
Rosendahl manufacturing solutions for cable, wire, and shock tubes


Most of the time you can read about great people in the human resources section. In our case, you will find that here, as well.

But also when it comes to the relationships with our customers. We value communication and close interaction. This brings us back to our “here for you” attitude. We do our best to make you feel welcome. We are famous for our hospitality and interest in lasting partnerships. We know when it’s time to celebrate, but also when it’s time to get serious.
BM Rosendahl battery prouduction laboratory


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Rosendahl Nextrom is a global leader in battery, cable & wire and optical fiber production technologies whose goal is to connect your needs with our technology. Quality, customization, product know-how and close cooperation with our partners are our core values.
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