new loose tube line located in Pischelsdorf, Austria

technology center pischelsdorf

A second Technology Center has been established in Pischelsdorf, Austria. Try your own recipes on the installed lines and see them performing live.

cable & wire technology center

After the first Technology Center was established in 2014, a second one followed at end of 2017.

The first one is dedicated to fiber optic cable production lines, whereas the newly established one offers in-depth trials with Rosendahl extrusion technology as well as new production equipment and prototypes for our various product segments.
This new infrastructure has been created to develop all the processes that are required for efficient cable production. It is both a testing area and a room for exclusive demonstrations. This enables manufacturers to visit and see the performing lines with their own recipe.

Secondary coating for dual layer tubes​

The loose tube line  of the latest generation offers a small footprint combined with a high level of performance. 

  • Geared for 1,200 m/min
  • Newly designed jelly filling head for improved process stability
  • Dual clenching system DCS for post shrinkage elimination and accurate EFL adjustment
  • Online EFL measurement for continuous process monitoring and scrap reduction
  • Fiber cutting and launching assistant to ensure a minimum scrap ratio
  • Ronex Superdry automated cable drying system for high speeds

Insulation for datacom cables

We have recently installed a high-speed insulation line for category 8 LAN cables, equipped with the most cutting-edge features available:

  • geard for up to 2,500 m/min
  • energy-efficient and robust extruder group of four
  •  high-precision gas dosing
  • cooling trough and automatic take-up station, specifically engineered to handle the high speeds.

ROEX extruders

Two large-sized extruders, the ROEX 60 and the ROEX 90, are set up for trials. Extrusion technology is the heart of an extrusion line and is therefore a crucial production step. There are many different aspects that support successful cable production.

These are a few:

  • preserving the material properties
  • maintaining thin wall thickness
  • concentric production
  • steady melt flow
  • low power consumption
  • easy maintenance
aerial view of production in austria


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