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"charge up" is our new bi-annual magazine for lithium-ion and
lead-acid battery manufacturers.

fresh ideas for battery manufacturing

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Yes, we are not standing still. As a big market and business family we want you to keep track on what is going on at BM-Rosendahl. This is why we put on our engine and brought this magazine into life. It will be published twice a year and informs on what’s new, what we are working on and what we are dedicated to achieve. We consistently question conventional manu­facturing methods, and explore possibilities for improvement. Sometimes, a small enhancement to a machine can have a significant impact. Also, we are growing more and more in our lithium-ion battery business and share our insights with you.

On 36 pages this issue features our latest developments for lithium-ion assembly and quality boosters for lead-acid battery production. Here is a quick glimpse on the content:  

  • Our journey from lead-acid to lithium-ion
  • Interview with Roman Burja, CEO of TAB in Slovenia
  • Our technology for cleaner air in lead-acid battery assembly
  • How to safe up to 57 tons of lead per year
  • Crucial process steps that extend battery life

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