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Control, monitor, and analyze your production process with our powerful line control

operating RIO line control

Rosendahl integrated operation system

Meet RIO, our powerful line control for Rosendahl setups

With its modular design, it is a perfect fit for all applications. You can choose from a large variety of tools and add-ons, and build your own customized environment, perfectly tailored to your needs. Keeping track of your production process has never been easier.

  • Vital reporting and analyzing instrument
  • Hardware-independent
  • Unlimited connectivity and resources
  • Integration of 3rd party software tools
  • Suitable for complex applications

countless benefits for your production process

RIO translates data
into possibilities

Reduce your scrap rate significantly

Retrace each step of your production process

Access quality and error reports

Get real-time reports and interpret historical data

Track the batch information of your raw material

Prepare for maintenance and upgrades in time

Compare the OEE between lines, products, and shifts

Use proven parameters for your next job

safe. efficient. profitable.

RIO’s smart and flexible setup will level up your production

Smart Factory Office

Get your reports and statistics to your office desktop with this smart software bundle. Our ready-to-use reports and add-ons for Microsoft Office® Excel® and Word® are optimized for data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. That is especially useful for you if you have one or more Rosendahl lines at one production site.

Smart Factory Cloud

Access your data anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With RIO’s Smart Factory Cloud, you get convenient access to data from different lines from different facilities. You decide if you want to store all the data or just parts of it in the cloud. All the data are encrypted for maximum data security.

Rosendahl RIO control system and vital analysis instrument

Consumption Measurement

Make your production process as energy-efficient as possible. Our additional sensors and gauges will measure the consumption of electric power, compressed air, water, and plastic material during production.

Rosendahl manufacturing equipment for screw identification

Extruder Screw Identification Marking

Equip your extruder screws with RFID chips. That is the smart way to keep track of your screws’ operating data. It will avoid the risk of operating errors on your production line and help ensure you get the best-quality product.

Rosendahl smart factory equipment

Integration in ERP/MES-Systems

Connect the RIO line control to your existing business software solutions. That way orders can be transferred directly from ERP / MES systems to the RIO line control system. The information and current status of the individual orders are then reported back.

user-friendly data analysis and reporting

Smart Factory becomes reality

Our smart line control system RIO makes it easy for you to keep track of all the processes and parameters you need to fully exploit the potential of your production line. With the help of machine-learning algorithms and intelligent data evaluation, you will always be ahead of your production process.

  • Get a complete overview of your production processes in real time
  • Turn your industrial data into powerful insights
  • Use the full potential of your entire production process
Rosendahl technology center in Pischelsdorf, Austria

never stop optimizing

Your production plant generates data 24/7 – even when it is not running. Don’t let this valuable data go to waste.

There is always potential for optimization in your production process. You may want to increase your production speed while maintaining the same quality level or simply reduce your energy consumption. RIO helps you detect room for improvement. It provides all the data you need to analyze, compare, and optimize your production.

user-friendly design

A user interface exactly tailored to your needs

Don’t waste your time with information you don’t need. You’re an operator? Then the key parameters of your running pro­­duction will be the data you’re looking for. You are a manager? Then you’re probably interested in quality reports and analyzing tools.

  • Get all relevant data at a single glance
  • Define specific roles and authorizations
  • Save individual language settings for your profile
  • Customized dashboard with intuitive user interface

RIO optional modules

Quality rating for your products based on specifiable tolerances.
Monitor product parameters such as diameter, eccentricity, color deviation, etc. and document them in reel protocols and quality reports.
If the quality does not meet your criteria, notifications or an automatic line shutdown can be configured.

Expose process upsets and inefficiencies with statistical KPIs.
How do various factors affect the stability of your production? With this add-on you can go in-depth and analyze your process statistically.
Standard deviation, min., max. and avg. values are calculated and visualized in a classic bell curve.

Make your production as energy-efficient as possible.
Your energy consumption is continuously measured and recorded.
Detailed reports will give you the chance to evaluate your energy costs per kilometer of cable over a specific time frame.

Access accurate figures on your carbon emissions in real-time.
A smart combination of algorithms and inline measuring devices logs your complete consumption data and converts it into kg CO2/ km.
Ready-to-use reports break down this information by machines, specific products, or line setups.

Increase equipment reliability and minimize unplanned downtime.
Get a clear overview of all upcoming maintenance tasks to schedule shutdowns, plan resources and allocate time accordingly.
Improve your maintenance workflow with timely notifications, custom triggers and maintenance instructions.

Continuously improve your overall equipment effectiveness.
The OEE of your production line depends on several factors: product quality, line availability, and production speed.
Customized reports and evaluations will help you systematically meet your defined production goals.

Mark your extruder screws with RFID chips to keep track of their data.
Operating hours, screw lifetime, batch information, and more are logged accurately. This makes
maintenance tasks predictable. To prevent operational errors, the system checks automatically if the used screw fits your current recipe.

Integration of up to four cameras via PoE (Power over Ethernet).

A virtual operator processes specified batches on your line.
Predefine all orders for your next production run.
After the line startup, RIO takes care of the rest: automatic recipe changes, color changes, scrap optimization, pausing, machine shutdowns, and more.

Connect RIO easily to your existing business software solutions.
Exchange data directly between ERP/MES systems and the line control system and report their status.
Different communication protocols (e.g., OPC-UA) ensure seamless communication between machines and secure data transmission.

Streamline your work paths and procedures with additional RIO workstations.
With our multi-place concept it is possible to connect every Rosendahl line to several RIO workstations.
Choose between stationary terminals and portable tablets.

No coding expertise required:
Customize RIO on your own with an easy-to-use drag & drop editor.
You can add simple machines by freely configuring analog and digital inputs/outputs, HMI-tags, actions, alarm messages, and more.

RIO standard modules

A user interface exactly tailored to your needs.
The graphic user interface displays general diagrams and images with the required parameters. All the pages have a help system, allowing for operation without prior special knowledge. With the option of opening more than one window, it is possible to work on more than one module at the same time.

Keep your process and product under control.
The process control system works in a machine-overlapping fashion. It auto­matically intervenes in the process to keep the product
quality within its defined tolerances.

AI support for foaming:
A self-learning algorithm observes the process. It keeps all interdependent parameters in perfect harmony. For improved electrical properties and reduced scrap.

Receive instant notifications when problems occur.
Every alarm message comes with a help message to guide you. It is automatically logged and you can trace it back anytime in an alarm history.

Operation by touch screen and remote station. Multi-language operation.

Create, view and edit your recipes easily.
Smart: The recipe manager automatically improves your parameters with every production run.

  • reduce start-up scrap
  • enhance your product quality.

This system offers a convenient solution for the generation of labels, reel protocols, shift reports, etc.

Analyze years of historical data.
Configure data sets freely from historical or real-time production runs and display them in a graphic view.
Can you spot irregularities? Are upward or downward trends visible?
Well-structured process data creates valuable insights for your business.

With tools like VNC, Teamviewer, or Remote Desktop, you have access to the line control system from anywhere.

Easily print your own labels, reel protocols, print screens, and process parameters.

Get immediate remote support.
A trained expert connects to your line control and helps with troubleshooting. Thanks to the fast response time, your production will be up and running again in no time.

  • Standard interface
  • Independent, modular utilization of stand-alone units
  • Reduced cabling
  • Customer Machine Integration
Rosendahl line control equipment


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