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Rosendahl Nextrom has grown strongly in number of employees and turnover in recent years. This is a great opportunity to look back at the history of our company, which goes back many decades.

What started out as small companies, grew into a large, international unit. Every employee at Rosendahl Nextrom has actively contributed to this unique history. Some of our employees have already spent more than half of their lives here. Others started because of the stories from other generations. But our machines have also changed a lot over the years. Continue reading to learn more about the history of Rosendahl Nextrom. But also to share in the memories of our employees and to find out what developments some of our machines have made possible. So lean back and take an exciting journey through time.

brief history


Establishment of ELBAK in Graz

With the production of battery machines, this was the first company that today is part of Rosendahl Nextrom.


Walter Rosendahl

Walter Rosendahl founded the company for the production of machines and lines for the cable and wire industry.


Nokia founded the wire & machine department

Nokia founded the wire & machine department


The first ­enveloping maschine gets build.


BM Battery Machines

Acquisition and ­foundation of BM-­Battery Machines


member of KNILL group

The KNILL Gruppe takes over all shares of Rosendahl GmbH. Pischelsdorf becomes the headquarters. Nextrom will follow 2004 and BM in 2010


Nokia turns into Nextrom

in addition to this, we open our first office in the USA


ROEX extruder

The new ROEX extruder generation was developed. Up to today we have delivered more than 1,300 pieces.


Production in Romania starts

Gerhard Jakopic, Johann Jaekel, Ernst Altmann, Siegfried Altmann


Technology Center

Introducing the first cable & wire technology center.


becoming Rosendahl Nextrom

Rosendahl, Nextrom and BM Rosendahl join under one roof and unite power with the ONE UNIT spirit


Opening of BM Development Center

and expansion of the cable & wire technology center.


Opening preform Lab in Vantaa

BM Rosendahl battery prouduction laboratory


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