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Over 50 years of experience

We understand your needs and have the technical know-how which is essential for the production of high-quality lead-acid batteries.

If you’re looking for a highly inventive partner with a strong service record, a partner who not only understands the complexities of specialized products and requirements, but is also ambitious and sophisticated enough to address your needs on the spot, we are here for you.

our lead-acid machines

for AGM, PE, and leaf-type separator

Enveloping / wrapping & stacking

Produce elements for all SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) batteries.

Sleeving and stacking machine IPS 16

for leaf-type separator or sleeved plates

Sleeving & stacking

With our sleeving & stacking machines, you can produce large stationary and traction cells for DIN, BS, and BCI battery standards.

for AGM and PE elements

Element check

Benefit from the best available element checking system on the market approved by leading AGM battery manufacturers.

Element Buffer

for PE, AGM, and leaf-type elements

Element buffer

Save floorspace and optimize your element feeding with our vertical buffering system or by robot loading.

Cast-on-Strap machine RoCOS X1

casting of elements


Learn more about the heart of every battery production.

Final Assembly-Line

battery production

Final assembly

The automatic assembly line for lead-acid battery production is essential for a consistently reliable battery quality.

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BMR 10 enveloping & stacking machine

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robot loading with BM-Rosendahl

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