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Get first class remote support for your production lines and single machines

A lot of technical issues can be solved remotely within short time. Our trained experts are happy to support you whenever you need them. You could use some help analyzing your log files? An error message popped up? You experience a line breakdown? With our fast response time your production will be on track again in no time.

Our remote support package

Choose a professional remote support package for your Nomos line control when you want to ensure instant support.

Basic package

Hotline, help desk and remote support during office hour

Your benefits:

  • Professional hotline and remote service
  • Less downtime due to guaranteed availability of our experts
  • Fast and immediate remote support
  • Transparent all-in flat rate
  • Designated service contacts
  • Unique service ticket for follow-up procedures

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Always one step ahead

Our team of in-house experts continuously strives to provide you with leading-edge support

  • Software modifications from top level down to the PLC and drive-configuration software
  • New software modules for your requirements, which can be easily installed online
  • Solution-oriented support provided for hardware, software and process issues

You have questions regarding your machinery or experience technical issues? We’re happy to help! Let’s connect and get to the root of it. Long distance can be that easy.

Get reliable first-class support on site

What if you experience troubles during your production process that can’t be solved remotely? Don’t worry! We are here for you in any situation. We want your production line to operate continuously and effectively as much as you do.

Sometimes comprehensive diagnosis and problem solving can only be achieved on site. With a highly skilled team and a worldwide service network, we are optimally equipped for every service case.

  • Product and process support
  • Replacing spare parts
  • Repairs and system maintenance
  • Machinery modifications
  • Performance optimization
  • Line audits and inspection

You are always high priority for us

In urgent cases we pack our suitcases and catch the next flight. Your machines will be running again in no time. You would like to know more about our on-site support services or need on-site support right away? Contact us, we are here for you.

Customized trainings

We train you in the best way

You want to be able to look after your production plant all by yourself? You want to solve problems directly, replace spare parts and perform maintenance on your own? No problem. Individually tailored to your production line, we provide you with all the knowledge and skills that you need to take care of your machines independently.

The training can be held either in your premises or in our facility in Vantaa. Your individual program usually includes a theoretical and a practical session with the manufacturing equipment.

  • Customer tailored trainings
  • Individual staff trainings
  • Specific workshops

Knowledge is always a good investment.

Make use of our expert knowledge in our technical workshops and trainings and become more independent in handling your production equipment. We can tailor the training based on your needs, whether the needs are learning more about processes, operation or maintenance.

Line audits and inspection

Expand the lifetime of your machines

Once your production line is successfully installed, it is hardworking, providing you with good products, year after year. But at some point, even the best equipment shows signs of age. Maybe it’s time to give your production line a thorough inspection. Parts may wear out. Parameters need to be re-adjusted. Components need to be re-aligned. Take the time to get your machine back in shape. It will make it up to you with many more profitable operating years.

  • Exploit the full potential of your equipment
  • Maintain the high quality of your products
  • Identify problems at an early stage

Thorough inspections performed by industry experts

Our audits are carefully executed. We test and verify your entire line, step by step, based on a standardized checklist. The whole process is professionally documented. It will be performed in two conditions: when the line is idle and during production. This way we can identify all potential issues. An audit can last 1 to 3 days, depending on your line complexity. Afterwards you will get a detailed protocol including the actual machine conditions, measurements, proposals for upgrades and modifications as well as recommended parts. Then you can decide if you want to entrust us with it or if you prefer to take care of it in-house.

Mechanical and process audit

With this audit you get a technical inspection of each machine including an evaluation of the general machine condition. For all extruders we will perform exact measurement of the respective screws and cylinders. We will identify broken and worn out parts, check the cleaning of the components and the whole line alignment. This audit will be performed by a process expert.

Electrical audit

Information on possible upgrades, check of outdated components, readjustment and calibration of all sensors This audit will be performed by one of our hardware or software experts.

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You would like to know more about our on-site support services or need on-site support right away? Contact us, we are here four you!

You can reach us on e-mail or simply via the form below. We will get back to you today or within the next office day based on urgency of your request.

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