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Rosendahl Nextrom is the global leader in production technology for the battery, cable & wire, and optical fiber industries

Upcoming events

BCI Convention 2024 / Fort Lauderdale, Florida / April 21st, 2024

Wire Expo 2024 / Uncasville, Connecticut, USA / June 11th, 2024

Battery Show 2024 / Stuttgart, Germany / June 18th, 2024

CRU Wire & Cable 2024 Conference / Amsterdam, The Netherlands / June 24th, 2024

FOE / Tokyo, Japan / June 28th, 2024

Wire China / Shanghai, China / September 25th, 2024

IWCS Cable & Connectivity Industry Forum / Providence, Rhode Island, USA / October 14th, 2024

Wire & Cable Show Vietnam / Hanoi, Vietnam / November 20th, 2024

Wire India 2024 / Mumbai, India / November 27th, 2024

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Rosendahl Nextrom is a global leader in production technologies for the battery, cable & wire, and optical fiber industry. Our goal is to connect your needs with latest technology. Our core values are product know-how, close cooperation with our customers and partners, and of course excellent quality.

Sleeving and Stacking machine IPS 500/1000

BM battery machines

Equipment for battery production

With our Brand BM we offer sophisticated solutions for your lead-acid or lithium-ion battery production.


Equipment for cable, wire & shocktube production

The brand Rosendahl offers solutions and production equipment for your metal or fiber optic cables as well as shock tubes and blasting wires.


Equipment for optical fiber production

Our brand Nextrom is the global leading specialist for telecom or specialty fiber production equipment. With the full range from the fiber to the cable.

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part of KNILL Gruppe

Rosendahl Nextrom with its brands is family owned by the Austrian KNILL Gruppe. Driving innovation in energy, mobility and communication since 1712.


worldwide leader

Making you successful is our passion. With projects in more than 73 countries worldwide we are a global supplier of state-of-the-art production equipment.


serious quality

Everyone says they deliver premium quality. Find out about our understanding of European quality.


one unit

By combining our 3 brands under one roof we can benefit from each other. This leads to even more advantages for you.

News & Events

April 21st BCI Convention 2024, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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June 11th Wire Expo 2024, Uncasville, Connecticut, USA

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To cross-link or not to cross-link? That is the question.

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The Future of Welding in Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

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Newly equipped technology center

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Check the X-factor in lead-acid battery production

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Lithium-Ion Battery Open House

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Putting ghost lumps to rest

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2024: First gigafactory in Slovenia

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Mastering busbar production since 2011

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How a fiber draw furnace can cut your energy costs in half

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Shock tube extrusion: 5 innovations for improved safety and quality

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Rosendahl Nextrom is a global leader in battery, cable & wire and optical fiber production technologies whose goal is to connect your needs with our technology. Quality, customization, product know-how and close cooperation with our partners are our core values.
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