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Master the challenges of today and tomorrow with Rosendahl's automotive wire extrusion lines

automotive wire extrusion lines

With Rosendahl machinery for automotive wire production, you are well equipped to master the challenges of today and tomorrow.​

Fully electric, hybrid plug-in or autonomous driving? The automotive industry is competitive and constantly changing. New driving concepts are posing new challenges for the industry. With more and more sensor technology being installed in vehicles, the demands on cable and wire production lines are growing accordingly. We put all our expertise into developing machines that deliver high performance and excellent products.

extruder group for automotive wire production with 4 ROEX extruders
master batch savings

less is more

Save space, weight, and
costs with our efficient manufacturing concepts

A more complex harness does not necessarily have to result in increased weight or space required. We are constantly researching and developing to make cable production even more efficient.

Reduce wire

by means of smaller cross sections

Reduce wire diameter

by means of compacted conductor design

Reduce wall thickness

the help of high-performance insulation

Reduce your CO₂ footprint

thanks to highly efficient production technology

color change system ROCOMAT integrated within the crosshead

ROCOMAT quick color-change system​

From red/blue to yellow/green in 0.3 seconds​

With the unique ROCOMAT system, we integrate a color-change function directly into the crosshead. That reduces the color-change volume to an absolute minimum and achieves the shortest color-change length in the industry.

VS SK-400-C Color-recognition system

Monitor your production 24/7/365 and reduce claims

Detecting color variations at a speed of 1,800 m/min seems impossible? It isn’t. With this innovative 360° sensor system, you can detect color deviations unperceivable to the human eye.

color recognition system for automotive wire insulation

utmost quality is our aspiration.​

Tailor-made manufacturing solutions for automotive wire​

Get the most suitable equipment to produce worldwide standardized products for the automotive industry.

Our production lines will be customized to meet all required global standards, as well as specific automotive brands’ requirements regarding electrical behavior, geometrical properties, or mechanical and temperature resistance.

  • European Specification: ISO International organization for standardization
  • U.S Specification: SAE Society of automotive engineers
  • Japan and Asia Specification: JASO Japanese automotive standard
Christoph Faustmann

Christoph Faustmann

your specialist for automotive wire manufacturing solutions

fast. reliable. smart.

Rosendahl production lines for the automotive wire production.​


Line for Automotive Wire


Line for High-Tem­per­ature Materials


Line for Silicone Materials

Sheathing Line for Automotive Wire

Datacom Line for Automotive Wire

Rosendahl machinery for flat cable production

Bus Bar Insulation Line


Rosendahl line configurations for automotive wire production

Product size Maximum speed Materials
Small cross-section line 0.08 – 1 mm² 1,800 m/min PVC, PP, PE, XL-PE, …
Standard extrusion line 0.22 – 8 mm² 1,500 m/min PVC, PP, PE, XL-PE, …
Big cross-section extrusion line 10 – 120 mm² 500 m/min PVC, PP, PE, XL-PE, …
Silicon rubber line 10 – 120 mm2 depending
Sheathing line 5 – 30 mm 500 m/min PVC, PP, PE, XL-PE, TPU, TPE, …
High-temperature material line 0.13 – 4 mm² 500 m/min FEP, ETFE, PFA
Datacom line 0.13 – 4 mm² 1,500 m/min Solid PE, Solid PP Cell-PE*, Cell-PP*
*chemically and physically foamed
Bus bar insulation line 500 m/min

Customized line solutions

Specially for your wire design

full flexibility for your products

Produce these and more products for the automotive industry on tailor-made equipment by Rosendahl

sample of a single wire with small conductor size

wires Small conductor size

0.08 – 8 mm²
Temperature range T1 – T8
With improved abrasion resistance
Huge variety of different color combinations
Flexible production with small lot sizes

sample of a single wire with big conductor size

wires Big conductor size​

10 – 120 mm²
Temperature range T1 – T6
High-voltage cables 600V AC / 900V DC

sample of a multicore wire


Outer diameter 5 – 25 mm
For eccentric cable construction
For high demand for roundness
TPU sheath for improved abrasion resistance
With different surface textures from shiny to matt

sample of a datacom cable

Data transmission cables

Coaxial cables for multimedia,
bus system, camera, …
Skin foam skin composition

sample of a silicone cable


For high-temperature applications,
single conductor or multicore cables

extruded flat cable for automotive industry

Bus bars

Solid conductor,
aluminum or copper
with PA or XLPE insulation

Rosendahl manufacturing solutions for cable, wire, and shock tubes


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