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When we talk about artificial intelligence, we often think of it as a stand-alone solution. We combine the know-how of our technicians with the possibilities of AI.

Artificial Intelligence at Rosendahl Nextrom

We are constantly working on new features and smarter solutions. In doing so, we are convinced that Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the future, but - not yet - the answer to everything.

That’s why Rosendahl Nextrom first examines the actual benefits of new technologies for customers and focuses on the highest output. Because in the end, it’s the result that counts.

We aim to combine the best of two worlds: Artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI). Human skills and know-how cannot simply be replaced. There are tasks that can best be done by real people. And tasks where AI is unbeatable.

AI-based process control

Excellent results were achieved with an AI-based process control, for highly sensitive cable products.

 The self-learning algorithm perfectly adjusts individual parameters such as the capacity or diameter of the product to achieve the best possible result. Follow this link for an article about the foaming process supported by artificial intelligence.

Rosendahl brand experts also developed a new ESG (Environmental Social Governance) module. This precisely logs the consumption of electricity, water, compressed air and all raw materials used during production. Advanced measuring devices and calculations are used to determine the CO2 footprint in real time and to the kilometer. Read more about this module in this article.

In addition, there is the Digital Twin issue, to which an entire team is devoting its attention. In the near future, all processes in design, planning, production and sales will be optimized and made fit for the future.

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