Nextrom DFT 2500 dual take-up

milestone for dft 2500

September 27th, 2018

The 200th dft2500 has left our production facilities.


dual take-up

The DFT 2500 Dual fiber take-up was first launched to the market in 2012 to meet the demands of fiber producers high speed fiber draw take-up capabilities.

 The DFT 2500 Dual take-up is used to collect the drawn fiber from an Fiber Draw tower onto large aluminum reels which each can hold up to 1500 km of drawn fiber up to 3500 mpmr. Due to the weight of the spool (up to 100 kg), aluminum reels are a good alternative for commonly used plastic ones, providing the required accuracy and durability without adding more weight. A specially designed Reel cart can be ordered along with the DFT 2500 to assist with the loading / unloading and moving of the reels.

Since the first machine DFT 2500 has been a popular choice among fiber producers over the world and the trend keeps on continuing. Testament to this is that we now have in production a machine with the serial number of DFT 2500-999, which means that when finished it will be the 200th DFT 2500 manufactured by Nextrom since the launch in 2012. A true collector’s item for the future.

The Main factors behind the success of DFT 2500 is that each high-tech Dual take-up DFT 2500 offers the same consistency on each machine, which ensures our customers a machine that can replicate required processes in today´s high speed fiber draw environment. The faster the draw is, the better DFT 2500 operates. DFT 2500 meets and exceeds the needed take-up requirements of today´s market. With the help of our customers we are always on the lookout on how we can make it even better and more suitable for the end user.

We hope this is the first of many milestones for DFT 2500 Dual Fiber Take-up.

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