expanded r&d center

April 25th, 2022

Previously, the new and expanded Nextrom VAD research and development center officially opened.


VAD research & development center

We are proud to announce that our Preform R&D Center´s VAD extension is now completed and ready for operational use.

To celebrate this big accomplishment, we decided to throw an opening ceremony where Nextrom’s Managing Director Timo Id, Product Manager Jarmo Pelkonen and Project Manager Tomi Westén gave speeches about the journey to this point. Ribbon cutting ceremony followed to symbolize that the extension is now officially opened for operation.

As the worldwide leaders for manufacturing solutions for optical preforms, fibers and fiber optic cables we wanted to expand our R&D capabilities by investing in to the future. With this significant effort we can keep providing our customers and partners with cutting edge technology to stay at the forefront in preform, fiber and fiber optic cable production technology.

Contact your local sales representative for more information and schedule a visit to see our new R&D lines. Since we at Nextrom know how essential technology is to suppliers and customers alike, we are always more than pleased to demonstrate what we are capable of.

Our preform lab lines:

  • OFC 05 Horizontal OVD Clad Deposition System
  • OFC 08 Clad Sintering System
  • OFC 15 Glass Working Lathe
  • OFC 17C Core Stretching
  • PIB Preform Inspection Bench

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OFC 05 and OFC 08 in the vantaa research and development lab
BM Rosendahl battery prouduction laboratory


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