state of the art fiber optical manufacturing

November 05th, 2021

This video gives you an impression of the latest optical fiber manufacturing.


Experience fiber optic cable manufacturing from a different perspective

Secondary Coating Line

OFC 40. Our newest generation of secondary coating lines has been set up for very efficient production of single, dual layer, jelly filled and dry loose tubes.

The design of the line, in combination with the material and process knowledge, supports various types of plastic tube design. This includes a proven fiber excess length and post-shrinkage monitoring system at very high productivity. Additional line components support a unique overall equipment efficiency.

SZ stranding Line

OFC 70. Our unique SZ stranding technology is designed to manufacture fiber optic cables for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications with a flexible layout. High production speed, long batches, reduced set-up and down-time all take SZ stranding process productivity to a new level.

The stranding technology supports stranding both jelly filled and completely dry cable designs.

Jacketing Line

OFC 60. The various configuration options of the OFC 60 are perfect to create your perfect-fit production process with minimized start-up scrap. It allows different cable designs, such as duct, direct buried and aerial cables.

Depending on cable design, armouring equipment, yarns, stranders and jelly filling equipment can all be integrated into the line.

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