thriving MCVD market

November 09th, 2018

Nextrom presents innovative solutions for modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD).



Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition System is a well-known and widely used method for the fabrication of high quality optical fiber preforms to produce high quality end product in Specialty and Laser fibers.

With over 140 units delivered since 1990 the Nextrom MCVD is one of the most widely used MCVD systems in the world.

Nextrom started an R&D project to redesign the OFC 12 MCVD to reduce costs, improve the performance, and reduce the footprint to meet the demands of preform producers for Specialty and Laser Fibers. These changes are visible by the new and improved design and interface that is easily customized for each end user, so they can achieve optimal results according to their specific needs.

Controlling the process is now even easier with improved operator controls. And the latest diameter measurement camera system has allowed for precise measurement in the hot zone to improve diameter variation. Also, latest hardware and software are optimized for long term service and support to bring our customer with the optimum benefit in long term.

This work is starting to pay off. With orders for seven lathe systems in the last 10 months it is a huge boom for the product which has typically averaged less than two systems per year. Well-known universities and commercial manufactures already operate the Nextrom MCVD system and with more orders expected in the near future, the prospects look bright for the Specialty Fiber market and the Nextrom MCVD.

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