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July 26th, 2018

We here at Nextrom offer a wide range of upgrades to our customer’s production lines or individual machines. Improove your production with latest technology.


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Technology is constantly changing and improving, though some continue to use the same equipment for many years.

If your equipment is getting closer to becoming obsolete, there are plenty of benefits to be gained by upgrading those machines / lines, instead of making repairs and continuing to work at lower productivity.
Investing in the equipment that makes your business functional, is possibly one of the best investments you can make as these valued resources can decrease downtime and expand production efficiency by upgrading them.

The most common cases for our upgrade team consist of upgrading existing line control units to state-of-the-art technology, ready-made upgrade packages for obsolete motor/drive replacements to increase machine performance for higher output as well as electrical, mechanical, or process upgrades to existing machines / lines.

These upgrades can be divided into two categories:

Down-time prevention upgrades

These upgrades include machines with outdated components that are either no longer sold or are too expensive to replace.

Typical downtime prevention upgrades:

  • Siemens S5 PLC > S7 300 or TIA 1500 PLC Upgrades
  • Allen Bradley SLC 500/PLC 5 > Logix PLC Upgrades
  • EKP 800F Take-up PEP PLC > Siemens S7 PLC Upgrades
  • Omron U and W Series > G5 Accurax Upgrades
  • Vacon > Siemens Drive Upgrades
    DTSZ Strander Upgrades
  • NOMOS 5.7 PSU and PC Upgrades
  • NOMOS Conversion To Standard Wonderware Intouch
  • MCVD User Interface PC Upgrades

Production improvement upgrades

These upgrades include machines that can be upgraded to increase productivity or to make new products.

Typical production improvement upgrades:

  • Secondary Coating Line Clenching Upgrades
  • NEC 500 Exit Capstan Upgrades
  • CS 4 Multi-pass Cooling Trough Upgrades
  • OFC 52 Coloring Machine Upgrades
  • Ringmarking Upgrade
  • OFC 52 Upcoating Upgrade
  • OFC 35 Proof-tester Upgrades
  • OFC 21 Ribbon Line Upgrades
  • PV 2400 Profile Inspector for Ribbon Line
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