boost your line performance
with our wide-ranging upgrade solutions

Customized upgrades

retrofit and upgrade solutions for cable manufacturing machinery

Upgrade and use your equipment even longer

Is your production line equipped with technology that is not “state of the art” anymore or is even outdated? 

With a relatively small investment, it may be possible to upgrade your equipment to meet today’s and future demands. Our service team will offer you individual upgrade solutions.

Improve your
machine performance for higher output

Expand your capabilities and gain more production flexibility

Increase equipment reliability and spare part availability

Reduce your maintenance costs significantly

Performance upgrades

Better. Faster. Stronger. We offer a wide range of customized upgrades to improve your product quality and increase your production speed and output. That way you will be able to adapt to new requirements and stay competitive in the future. It will also make your production more energy-efficient.

  • Upgrade kits for processing additional extrusion grades, available for each extruder size
  • DTSZ strander or high-speed, low-tension cross-binder ROBI for your SZ stranding line
  • Clenching process for your loose tube line
  • and many more

Line control and electrical upgrades

We replace outdated hardware components with state-of-the-art ones to get your machine back into shape. That will make sure you get the most out of your equipment for many years to come. In addition, it will reduce your maintenance costs and increase spare part availability in the future.

  • Customized upgrades from individual components to line control systems (RIO, RLC 20) and entire electrical cabinets, including the latest PLC and AC-drive technology
  • State-of-the-art industrial PC with fully supported operating system and new user experience
  • Additional modules for your line control, e.g. quality management, analyzing and reporting, MES/ERP-interface
  • and many more
retrofit and upgrade solutions

Initial purchase or retrofit?

New doesn’t always mean better. Economics plays a big role here. The most important question is: How can your existing production line stay competitive in the future? Let’s have a detailed look at your existing equipment and find out where there is potential for improvement. By doing so, we always keep your entire production process in mind.

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