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Rosendahl Nextrom –
Tailor-made equipment for
fiber optical cable production.

Rosendahl research and development for cable production equipment

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Increasing data capacities in optical signal transmission require ever-smaller cable diameters and higher fiber density at the same time. With Rosendahl machinery, you are well equipped to meet the requirements of tomorrow with a lot more benefits on top.

We offer complete FOC manufacturing solutions, from fiber to finished cable, as well as individual solutions for the individual process steps of fiber optical cable production.

Minimize your scrap rates

With the help of precisely adjusted machines and smart software solutions

Speed up
your process

Increase your output with fast and smoothly running machinery

Don’t compromise on quality

Profit from our process know-how to manufacture flawless end products

Tailor-made in Europe

Customized to your individual requirements

fine-tuned technology for sensitive products

Rosendahl crosshead for fiber optic cable production

High-speed production of microtubes

with up to 1,200 m/min

Low-tension binder for single and dual-end yarns

Adjustable and precise binding tension with speeds of up to 4,500 rpm

operating line control system RIO from Rosendahl
Rosendahl cable manufacturing equipment

quality control

Monitor the excess fiber length online

With the help of our EFL monitoring system, you can now assess the quality of the running product online. To do this, we have integrated high-resolution measuring devices directly into our loose tube line.

Our RIO line control then calculates the excess fiber length and reports on it in real time. That allows you to detect deviations in fiber length already during production and to reduce your scrap rate accordingly.

leading expertise

Unique stranding technology

High production speed, long batches, reduced setup and downtimes take SZ stranding process productivity to a new level.

Our efficient SZ stranding technology is designed to manufacture fiber optic al cables for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

The stranding process guarantees  low stranding tension fluctuation, accurate and stable lay length, and constant binding tension in all circumstances.

details of stranding process with Rosendahl manufacturing equipment


Customized production lines for
fiber optical outdoor cables

Acquire reliable equipment to produce optical cables for outdoor applications. Our machines win customers over with their outstanding quality, high production speed, and flexible handling for various product designs.

Rosendahl cable manufacturing equipment RL-R


Loose-tube production line

Highly efficient production of single/dual-layer and jelly/dry tubes

Rosendahl cable manufacturing equipment


SZ stranding line

Unique technology for single and dual-layer stranded product designs

Rosendahl cable manufacturing equipment RL-M


High-speed jacketing line

Proven and reliable technology for a wide range of fiber optical cables


Customized production lines for
fiber optical indoor cables

Get everything you need for the efficient manufacturing of fiber optic indoor cables of top quality. Our machinery is specially designed to meet the demands of a wide range of products.

Rosendahl cable manufacturing machinery RL-T


Tight coating extrusion line

For tight buffer, semi tight buffer, and micro sheath extrusion

Rosendahl cable manufacturing equipment RL-P


Premises cable line

For the production of fiber optical patch cords, distribution, break-out and FTTH drop cables


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