next level color detection for cable production lines

next level color detection

January 07th, 2020

We have developed an innovative sensor system that brings significant improvement to the workflow of automotive wire manufacturers.


Rosendahl color detection with DVS

In automotive wire production, just one tiny granule of a different colour can cause a contamination of approximately 200m of precious wire product. And at a speed of 1800m/min it takes only 6 seconds for these 200m to disappear in a reel.

Now you can detect that.

We have developed an innovative sensor system that brings significant improvement to the workflow of automotive wire manufacturers: the VS SK-400-C. It accurately detects colour variations which the human eye can no longer perceive. This precise system measures the main colour, stripe colour, and the stripe width in accordance with the previously defined product tolerances.

The main component is a PC-based evaluation unit with 360° camera surveillance. This way you can continuously monitor the colour quality over the entire production and log it, for example in the reel report. Thanks to the immediately assured color reliability, color claims and faulty productions are now a thing of the past. Moreover, waste and scrap rates can be significantly reduced at start-up, colour change and during production phase due to automated production sequences.

The results of intense testing and customer experience have revealed that recipes with 2.5% master-batch can easily be decreased down to 1.5%, while still maintaining the same colour shade and product quality. This is a saving of 40% of the expensive color batch material.

In addition to that, Rosendahl developed a completely new colour detection module for its line control to support operators throughout the whole production process.

If you would like to find out more about this unique system, get in touch!

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