for PE, AGM, and leaf-type elements

BM Rosendahl ast-on-strap battery machine RoCOS X1


The heart of every battery production is surely the cast-on-strap machine

With our RoCOS X1, you get the fastest cast-on-strap machine with a single mold in the world. Process up to 5 batteries/min with PE and 4 batteries/min with AGM elements. 

BM Rosendahl battery machines

machine details

If you want to achieve high-quality straps, a chain of optimized processes must be followed

  • loading & aligning of elements
  • lug preparation
  • casting
  • unloading & boxing

Mainly driven by servo motors, our COS machines include many innovative features.

station 1

loading & aligning of elements

  • swivelling arm or by robot (RLS)
  • element aligning (vibration table, lateral, and on lugs)

station 2

lug preparation 

  • brushing (optional)
  • fluxing (continuous filling and level control)
  • preheating (controlled drying, permanent temperature control)
  • tinning (for VRLA batteries)

station 3


  • precise, stable, and lead-saving

station 4

unloading & boxing

  • overhead gantry or robot system
  • active boxing frame for PE
  • compression unit for AGM

our cos machines

High quality machines result in high quality products

BM Rosendahl battery manufacturing equipment RoCOS X1

for automotive battery production


Processes up to 4.5 batteries/min (PE) and up to 4 batteries/min (AGM)

equipment for battery production: RoCos T1 from BM Rosendahl

for automotive truck battery production


Processes up to 2.5 batteries/min

automotive battery manufacturing equipment RoCOS S1

for industrial battery production


for telecom, stationary, and traction batteries
Processes up to 2.5 batteries/min

Did you know that only 0.5 mm thicker straps can result in up to 57 tons higher lead consumption per year?

With our mold technology, you can produce high-quality straps at a constant thickness – that helps you to save on energy and lead.

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BM Rosendahl cast-on-strap battery machine RoCOS X1


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