final assembly

for automotive battery production

final assembly-line for battery production


The automatic assembly line for lead-acid battery production is essential for a consistently reliable battery quality

It contains highly flexible machines for assembling up to 6 batteries/min.

Based on our long experience, we offer different levels of automation (from semi-automatic to fully automatic), but all of them have one thing in common: easy and central adjustment to different battery types is possible, even while the line is in use.

Final assembly line

BM Rosendahl assembly line for battery production


short-circuit testing and intercell welding machine

for battery testing and intercell welding

BM Rosendahl assembly-line for battery production


automatic lid placing machine

for placing the lid

BM Rosendahl battery production assembly line for truck batteries


heat sealing machine

for welding the lid to the box

assembly line post burner


post welding machine

for creating the final poles


leakage control and marking machine

for leakage testing and dot or laser marking

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Dutch royal couple @AVL, Graz visits BM-Rosendahl machines

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TU Graz Racing Team @ BM-Rosendahl

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E-Mobility Project with local Higher Institute of Technical Education (HTL Weiz)

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battery machines on public television

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BMR 10 enveloping & stacking machine

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robot loading with BM-Rosendahl

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