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lithium-ion battery production welding unit


Create reliable connections with our welding unit

Connect busbars and sensors to lithium-ion battery cell-terminals or weld battery frame components with our laser welding equipment.

innovative design

The laser unit is flexibly designed for any kind of welding requirement e.g.:

  • laser source
  • wavelength
  • laser power
  • spot size, etc.

According to your needs, gantry and robots are available for quick and precise laser optic movement.

Special option packages are available for prototype development or mass production.

Easy usability and parameter adjustment for process engineers and operators are key in our product development. The welding head can be changed fully automatically during the production workflow.

Different material requirements can be handled in a user-friendly and flexible way. Process monitoring, temperature tracking, tolerance compensation, and much more complete the welding process.

we care

Repeatability, traceability, and efficiency are as important as safety, when producing lithium-ion batteries. 

Our 3-step safety concept

  1. prevent
  2. reduce
  3. assist

provides a safe environment for your welding machine, operators, and products. 

Exemplary provisions are a Class 1 laser protection housing and a submersible evacuation box.

in brief

  • different laser sources are possible
  • flexible robot or gantry system
  • process monitoring
  • safety concept

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