enveloping / wrapping & stacking

machines for lead-acid starter batteries

automotive production line for lead-acid batteries

automotive envelopers

BMR 10 for enveloping and stacking

SLI and VRLA battery production

BMR 10

enveloped plates/min (for PE) 80 - 160
wrapped plates/min (for AGM) 80 - 140
AGM, PE, leaf-type separator

enveloping & stacking machine BMR15 for lead-acid battery production

SLI and VRLA battery production

BMR 15

enveloped plates/min (for PE) 90 - 170
wrapped plates/min (for AGM) 80 - 140
AGM, PE, leaf-type separator, horizontal plate feeding

enveloping and stacking line BMR 15 XTT for lead-acid battery production

SLI and VRLA battery production


enveloped plates/min (for PE) up to 340
wrapped plates/min (for AGM) up to 280
horizontal plate feeding with automatic cell repair function

motorcycle enveloper

equipment for motorcycle and small AGM battery production

motorcycle and small AGM battery production

BMR 10 Micro

for up to 120 envelopes/min.
for plate heights from 38 to 83 mm

mechanical assembly BM Rosendahl battery machines


Our goals: reduced lead emissions and low scrap rates!

Breaking up stacks and feeding individual plates in a gentle way is most important. Our cutting-edge equipment offers a variety of automated solutions in plate enveloping and wrapping.

Whether it‘s a vertical or horizontal plate feeder, our technology stands out in perfectly handling also specially coated plates, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation with reduced lead emissions. Our 90° lug brushing system, integrated in most of our enveloping machines prevents twisting of the lugs of soft plates and enables better cast-on quality.

With our enveloping/wrapping & stacking machines you can produce elements for all SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) batteries.

The compact and modular design makes it possible to process AGM, PE, and leaf-type separators.

technical components

Our production equipment combines many technical components which are essential for perfect elements, such as:​

  • high-speed plate feeder
  • lug brushing
  • servo cutting system
  • double plate detection
  • stacking wheel
  • self-cleaning filter unit
  • operator panel (icon-based, multi lingual, recipe management, etc.)
  • and many more
BMR 10 stacking wheel for lead-acid battery production
BMR 10 plate feeder for lead-acid battery production
enveloped plates/min
up to 140
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since 2022
sold machines
more than 400

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