element buffer

for PE, AGM, and leaf-type elements

element buffer for lead-acid battery manufacturing
BM Rosendahl element buffer


If you want to increase the productivity of your cast-on-strap machine and your battery assembly line, you need to buffer elements

With our vertical buffering system (AEB 4S), you can not only save floorspace, but also optimize your element feeding. The automatic element buffer system is equipped with servo-controlled lifting units which handle the elements smoothly.

No adjustment is required for different plate and element dimensions, which saves you time and money.

robot loading

Advanced buffering

By choosing robot loading, you get the highly flexible system (RLS).

It allows you to buffer elements and load them directly into the cast-on-strap machine in the most efficient way. A manual workplace for element repair can be added.

BM Rosendahl automatic element buffer robot loading system

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