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October 20th, 2023

For busbars to perform their function safely over the entire service life of the vehicle, high-quality insulation is essential.


busbar insulation by Rosendahl

With many years of experience in handling flat cables, we are your reliable solution provider for this demanding product.

Modern automobiles are equipped with multiple electrical components, all requiring a stable and efficient power supply. Busbars play a vital role, connecting the battery to these various components and ensuring a smooth transmission of electricity.

For busbars to perform their function safely over the entire service life of the vehicle, high-quality insulation is essential.

In July 2011, years before the global rise of e-mobility, we commissioned the first Rosendahl busbar insulation line. Since then, these high-performance “flat cables” have gained significant importance. They have become an integral part of e-vehicles, facilitating the conduction and distribution of power within electrical systems. 

Their main advantage lies in their ability to handle higher currents than traditional cables, resulting in a substantial reduction of power losses. Their distinctive flat shape is optimized for efficient use of the space available within a vehicle’s electrical construction.

Processing busbars is more challenging compared to traditional cables with round cross-sections.

Even minor deviations can noticeably impact wall thickness distribution. Therefore, precise control from pay-off to take-up is crucial for maintaining quality. Every line components must be precisely calibrated to achieve seamless production with high-quality output.

With our busbar insulation solution, we pay special attention to the conductor cleaning process before extrusion, and proper cooling afterward. That way, we ensure a high level of adhesion between the aluminum conductor and the insulation layer, which, alongside uniform wall thickness, is a primary quality criterion for the final product.

Insulated busbar

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