ROBI crossbinder

ROBI crossbinder

September 22nd, 2016

Rosendahl developed the ROBI low-tension crossbinder for single and dual-end yarns. SZ-stranding fiber optic cable elements at 4500 rpm, it is definitely fast, but at the same time very gentle in its handling.


ROBI crossbinder - fast but not furious

Rosendahl developed the ROBI high speed cross binder for SZ-stranded fiber optic cable elements. At 4500 rpm, it is definitely fast, but at the same time very gentle in its handling.

It has an adjustable binding tension to maintain the loose tube shape and your product’s quality. Beyond that, it is specially designed to maintain the very short reversal spots generated by the dynamic drive system of the Rosendahl SZ-strander.

Achieve a constant yarn tension below 2N.
You achieve it with the optionally available active yarn tension control system from Rosendahl. This system keeps the tension constant at all operating conditions even while the binder is ramping up/down and at high production speeds. Attain constant and high-precision binding to maintain the cable’s properties.

Continuous production lengths with large bobbins.
Size-wise, ROBI allows large bobbin dimensions of up to 290 mm for the outer diameter. This enables continuous production lengths. The integrated mini twist lock keeps strands perfectly formed and supports immediate binding at the stranding point. Essential parameters, such as bobbin weight, bobbin diameter and brake curve, are stored in the database. These parameters are used during line operation to maintain a constant yarn tension at various production speeds.

There is no doubt… Our ROBI is fast – but not furious. And you get a well-shaped product and continuous production lengths at high speeds.

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