Shock tube extrusion: 5 innovations for improved safety and quality

September 11th, 2023

The key accomplishments of one year's development work on our shock tube extrusion line.


News for shocktube manufacturers

In the past year, we have made considerable progress in the development of our shock tube extrusion line. Here are the highlights of one year of work in a nutshell:

5 innovations for improved safety and quality

  1. Compressed air-cooled powder needle
    With additional cooling, we can provide even greater safety.
  2. Redesigned platform for 2 extruders
    More shock tube configurations and different material combinations have become possible thanks to this advance.
  3. Optimized powder measurement
    We now measure 2 axes to better monitor the powder distribution within the shock tube and improve quality control.
  4. Optional double dual cutter
    We have implemented a second safety cutter, located after the first crosshead.
  5. 2 additional capstans
    We have added a stretching capstan and an annealing capstan within the cooling trough to increase tensile strength and reduce shrinking.

Are you interested in witnessing these innovations live?

Feel free to get in touch with us! We will contact you as soon as there’s a shock tube line or parts of it to be seen at our Pischelsdorf site.

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